My first contribution to the weekly Disquiet Junto community project.

I used my DIY hardware modules instead of the Reaktor Blocks modules suggested by Robin Rimbaud

Here is what he suggested und what I used instead

  • Bento Box Osc - Thomas Henry 4046 VCO
  • Bento Box SVF - CGS77 Serge 1973 VCF
  • Bento Box VCA - L-1 Tube VCA
  • Bento Box Mix - simple output mixer
  • Bento Box Env - CGS76 Serge Envelope (in cycle mode)
  • Bento Box LFO - 1/2 CGS114 Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator
  • Bento Box S&H - yusynth S&H and noise
  • Bento Box 4 Mods - two Baby 10 Sequencers and a Turing Machine (Arduino based)

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